Rapunzel’s Castle

This castle is in itself the perfect representation of the French decadence concerning its heritage, which has been taking place for years. In other words, the abandonment and grotesque modifications of historical buildings in the most total indifference.

Of medieval origin, of military and defensive vocation, the building was, over the years, modified, destroyed, and reduced to the simple state of farm.

Only the main tower, 25 meters high and amusingly reminiscent of the tower from the Rapunzel tale, testifies to the former prestige of the place. The rest of the building seems to have been annexed without taste, and seen from afar, the agricultural complex looks more like an assembly of buildings than a single real castle.

We pull on the hanging chain of the tower to ring the bell fixed at the top of a high stone wall, but no answer. Our feet in the tall grass, we then decide to climb the stairs of the main building to discover the interior. What was our disappointment to discover empty rooms and devoid of any interest. Nothing remains of what was at the time a noble building. Only the enormous fireplace that stands in the middle of an old living room reminds us that years ago this castle was filled with life and decorated with refinement.

The exploration was quick, and we then decided to focus on this single tower, and climb each of its steps. Inside, the spiral staircase is narrow and we can only go through it one after the other. The view from the top is magnificent: the castle is located on a hill, a useful strategic location when it had to be able to see its enemies coming from miles away. But all around are only empty fields and very little forest, so even the contemplation of the panorama is quick.

We leave with the feeling of having managed to easily explore a place, which is rather satisfying, but also with the disappointment of having been betrayed by a tower visible from the road below, which promised a lot, but which ultimately, does not keep its promise despite its obvious and imposing beauty.

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