The Cupbearer’s Ruins

Lurking deep in the woods, lay hidden the gothic ruins of this mysterious castle of medieval origin… Built around the 1400s by a famous cupbearer of the King of France, it was, over the centuries, acquired by many families and owners, but the castle was recognized as a ruin at the end of the 1700s, and gradually became a stone quarry used for the construction of houses in the region.

The exploration is quickly done: only two towers still stand, overgrown with vegetation and hidden by the thick trees that have grown all around.
But as surprising as it may seem, the thickness of the walls and the quality of the stones is such that these two pieces, about 20 meters high, still have not staggered, and, in my opinion, are not ready to.

The magic can then operate as we try to make our way between the branches and the thick vegetation, and observe with attention the impressive arched door of gothic ornaments that welcomes us. Then, once entering the tower, we find ourselves facing an impressive staircase, which each steps of it is made up of an entire slab of granite.

But the most interesting about this castle is the legend that has haunted it for many years. Indeed, it is associated with the true and tragic story of a commoner who fell in love with one of the daughters of the lord of the castle.

The lord, of course, disapproved of this relationship and the young man was forced to embrace the career of a priest and leave the parish. The young woman then let herself die of grief…

Their spirits would still haunt the place. Thus the people have related that in the past it was customary to dance very late on the esplanade of the castle, and that if this practice has ceased, it is because the dancers saw, one evening, the bald head of an old priest, with sparkling eyes, at the skylight of the dungeon.

They added that we can still see, around midnight, in the great hall, a coffin covered with a funeral sheet, of which four white tapers, as was customary for noble girls, mark the four corners. Then appears a young lady, in a green satin dress, trimmed with gold flowers, walking in the moonlight on the walls, sometimes singing and often weeping…

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