The Extravagant Villa

Nestled between a thick forest and the mountains, almost touching the clouds, in the middle a luxurious garden, sleeps a very curious house.
In the continuity of a rainy October day, here we are climbing the road leading directly to the crushed fence. Built on the heights of a very hilly and wooded lot, we arrive at the back of the building, very colorful, blending perfectly with the colors of the autumnal vegetation all around.

Unfortunately, Italy is a mystery, and it is difficult to understand their architectural choices. Indeed, the majority of historic places in the country are known to be austere on the outside, but almost every time sublimated on the inside. It seems that this villa is an exception.
Its obvious beauty and architectural originality, reminiscent of both a church, a Renaissance and Gothic style villa, a mountain chalet made up largely of wood and an almost mystical, Freemasonic style, does not represent the tasteless interior.
Despite the artistic details here and there on the facades, made up of very expressive symbols and faces, no trace of art remains inside. Its history is also just as vague, and it seems that it was abandoned many years ago, after the death of its owner, who, according to the legends, descended from families of knights.

Only one room, in very poor condition, has a somewhat worked wooden ceiling, which could fall on the corner of our head at any time.
The rest are empty rooms and corridors, of no real interest. And the only rooms filled with furniture were unfortunately looted, ransacked and damaged, and it would take hours of tidying up everything to obtain a scarcely photogenic staging.

Regardless, there is something very fanciful, dreamy and bucolic about the garden all around. The dead leaves fly around us, and a form of magic takes hold of the place, the sound of raindrops on the ground breaking the restful silence of this place. We almost imagine coming back every vacation, to enjoy the tranquility of the surrounding mountains. At the end of the land hides a swimming pool, topped by a large stone balcony. Everywhere in the garden are hidden small benches, covered with dead leaves and brambles, accessible by pretty stone passages. The heights of the garden allow you to contemplate the building from above, and to appreciate the panorama all around. There is really something unique about the natural surroundings in this place, and it is only sublimated by this strange villa with extravagant colors.

Disappointed by the interior, perhaps we arrived a little too late, the looters having already been there before us, we leave all the same with the satisfaction of having been able to contemplate and immortalize a unique place, a small architectural treasure which unfortunately falls into disuse, and risks collapsing if nothing is done in time. Its geographical position, not very accessible, perhaps makes it an unattractive place, as the cost of the renovation works would now be substantial and therefore not very motivating.

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  1. Thank you for these amazing portals. This particular site has, for me, oriental features…a nuanced ‘moon door’ , wooden lattace work. I blink and it remains.

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