The Frogs Swimming Pool

Discovered by chance the day before, while we were looking for a remote place to sleep, at first sight this old abandoned municipal swimming pool does not seem very interesting. We still decide to lose a few minutes and go take a look at this metal structure that appears at the bottom, despite the rain of this cold autumn morning.
The main buildings, a mix of concrete blocks and cubic shapes, without any real charm, reminiscent of a never-finished house, are nonetheless sublimated by the abundant vegetation which gradually devours them. Luckily, the colors of the season contrast nicely with the gray of the clouds and the walls.
The access is not complicated, except that the thick brambles cling to our clothes at every meter. Oddly, either the pool was never finished or everything was stolen. In fact, as the view from the rusty gate predicted, only the walls remained. No more doors, no furnitures, nor even any traces of any decorations or indicative signs, nothing. We then use our imaginations to imagine what dark room could have been the reception or the changing rooms. The remains of the showers and toilets seem more obvious to us than the rest, of course.

And then, past what looks like two small turnstiles, and a small foot bath, we arrive under the metal structure that attracted us from the road. What was our surprise to discover this gigantic and unique blue swimming pool, overgrown with vegetation. The blue tiles blending with the greens and yellows of the plants, the three dominant colors, offer an inimitable visual spectacle. It is exactly this kind of atmosphere that makes the exploration of abandoned places something so unique: the swimming pool, probably abandoned for many years, despite its imposing structure that could have never suggest that plants can develop inside, has now become a real playground for frogs.

Our footsteps creak the many pieces of glass strewn on the floor, fallen from the ceiling, which is a unique blend of a metal structure and a large piece of glass, with its symmetrical shapes pleasant to contemplate.
The depth of the pool is also just as surprising, and takes on its full meaning once standing on the only remaining diving board, covered with rust and whose fragile staircase does not really give you confidence.
The tour of the place is nevertheless quick to make, but the view from outside the swimming pool is not to be neglected. Nestled in the heights of a small village perched on the sides of a mountain, what a pleasure to observe the low rain clouds touching the top of the surrounding towns, adding to our exploration a melancholic atmosphere, a little touch of Chernobyl in the middle of Italy.

The absence of graffiti is heartwarming, despite the obvious regular footsteps. But there shouldn’t be much left to collect now, only a few vandals come here to smash what’s left. This is typically the kind of place to revisit in a few years, if left untouched, there will probably be a forest instead of the pool, and it could be beautiful to contemplate.

We leave satisfied to have taken the time to go and check this place. Like the majority of places in Italy, relying only on the outside of the place would be a mistake, even for buildings without history such as a simple swimming pool.

4 thoughts on “The Frogs Swimming Pool

  1. I am so grateful to Messy Nessy for dropping your site and Insta into my mailbox this morning! I have always been a dedicated voyeur of abandoned sites such as these. Even though, a part of me carries a great deal of regret as I look upon their corrupt beauty, because I know the popularity generated and what the sites may suffer after the fact. But what makes me so happy to have found you is that not only have you done the research but are very careful to keep these places secret and safe to the best of your ability. I believe once you have made a site reveal its soul, you have a responsibility to it for the rest of your life. You become it’s unofficial steward. I picture them as defensive women, curled into a tight ball, hurt too many times to want to trust, but still daring to hope. She, being coaxed and teased into a languid unfurling and final, trusting full- exposure for you, does this in exchange for your protection. She offers her heart for your promise to not forget her. She will give you her soul for your pledge to one day make her forgotten. Sorry for waxing poetic (and badly, at that, I’m sure) but this first entry I’ve read and I’m charmed. I want to thank you. Even if it just for allowing these places one last moment to live – albeit, ironically, in its decrepitude and disintegration – before the world’s eyes. Be blessed, be safe.

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