The Pyramid Mansion

It is by a rainy morning that we reach the edge of the cliff where this curious mansion is hidden. We arrive in front of a small gate, a very strange symbol calls out our attention. A small triangle is engraved in the stone of the wall, without any other indications. No name, or even the remains of a letterbox, just this little gate, and a small path leading into the forest.

After a short walk, we arrive at the height of the strange building and immediately understand that the symbol on the portal referred to the strange pyramidal shape of the mansion. The panorama is breathtaking: built on the edge of the cliff, facing a gigantic bay, nestled in a natural setting of several hectares and endowed with a remarkably sinister architecture. Magnificent hydrangeas punctuate the path, and are found all around the building, contrasting pleasantly with the very dismal atmosphere of the exterior facade.

At the height of the main entrance, we find a portal similar to the previous one. Half open, it appears as a strange invitation to discover more about the place. We then enter in what looks like a small interior courtyard, where a fountain once stood and whose pieces are now strewn on the ground.

All the entrances seem condemned, and the manor has the scars of a very heavy past. Indeed, the place was known to have hosted many wild rave parties, as a consequence more than a hundred people would have gathered in this empty space, to party.

Abandoned for more than 40 years, it seems obvious that the rumor has spread throughout the region, inviting the most curious to discover it with their own eyes. The man behind this architectural madness never really lived there. Besides, no one ever lived there, not even his heirs, since the manor found itself at the heart of a war of succession which never had a winner.

After visiting the building, we notice the two magnificent sculptures on the facades, one of which representing Celtic warriors armed with spears.

We finally see a window which is not walled up and we hoist it in order to enter the manor. Plunged into total darkness, we arm ourselves with our torches. We stroll through the long empty corridors and low ceilings, the walls keep traces of wild parties and vandalism. The once-marble paved interior is now cracked and covered with a thick layer of dust and debris. No remains of the lounges decorated with gold, nor the magnificent tapestries. The main room has a very imposing fireplace with the same symbol engraved in the center. Large openings left by the old doors, now fenced, bring light, but also the wind, very strong that morning.

The mansion is built on two floors, a ground floor and a basement which could be accessed via the two elevators, totally out of use today. We then take a dark staircase leading to the basement, very unwelcoming, in order to discover the rest of the rooms, but we will be quickly disappointed, since apart from the machines there is nothing left but tags… even the pipes were torn off. Despite everything, the dismal and stifling atmosphere that reigns in the bunker will make it an unforgettable exploration, the originality of the place taking precedence over the devastation it has experienced. With its curious history and its strange appearance, rumors of ghosts and other legends take on their full meaning once the lights are out. Only the sound of drops of water seeping upstairs resonates heavily in this immense empty shell.

We take a last look at the enormous granite cross perched on the side of the cliff, overlooking the ocean, then set off again in the rain which falls more and more violently on this strange place.

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